Viper Networks South Africa

VoIP – international calls at a fraction of the cost.

Viper Networks – Talk with us.

Viper Networks South Africa

Can you imagine to speak to your suppliers in Hong Kong for R 0,23 per minute ? Call your agents in London or Germany, talk to your broker in New York or your son in Sydney – all for 3 US-cents or 23 Rand-cents per minute from South Africa ?

With the USAmerican Viper Networks VoIP Internet Phone Company you can when you are connected to the Internet – even for free if they have a Viper number, too.

You want to escape the monopolistic greed of Telkom now, not in two years – and get something that works but doesn’t cost a fortune. May be you are also looking to take advantage of the tremendous business opportunities VoIP offers before it is too late – and it is growing fast !

Viper Networks offers you all that, and it works very well – in South Africa, today. We have products and services for the individual entry level, the multi-user professional level and the corporate level.

Our Marketing & Distribution office for Southern Africa in Cape Town offers you VoIP products and services that allow you to drastically reduce your telephone bill – now, simply and affordably.

  • Call any number in the world, including cellphones, on our system at ridiculously low cost !
  • Call another Viper user anywhere in the world at no cost at all, 24/7 !
  • No contract to sign, no monthly fixed cost, no hidden charges !
  • Convenient prepaid account, mobile worldwide use from any computer with Internet access !
  • Get your own IP Phone number and bring down your Telkom bill !

Buying Viper products and airtime is quick and convenient : purchases for both can be made online, or paid directly into our local account with Standard Bank after making arrangements over the phone. Loading your account directly on Viper’s US-website with your credit card is an alternative once your card has been approved.

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