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VoiP in Southern Africa & the World

ECA will be key for VOIP. The Electronic Communications Act (ECA) will be key in the growth of voice over IP (VOIP) in South Africa, says Michael Kuczmierczyk, product development manager at Sentech. “The uptake of VOIP has been nowhere near its potential. For the most part, VOIP is currently being used primarily to reduce call costs by routing internal company calls via their ‘data’ infrastructure,” he says.

The Viper Calling AccountThe Viper Networks South Africa marketing office has been strengthened with a technical support desk : AmbiTechSolutions is a company based in Cape Town servicing the SME / SOHO market with VoIP and broadband installations, remote desktop support, network security solutions and more.

The path to intelligent communications. IP telephony is about a whole lot more than least-cost routing. It is the key to new business models. Managers who understand the benefits of resource optimisation also understand the benefits of IP.

Effort to reduce telecoms cost. South Africa’s telecommunications costs are still high, despite significant reductions in recent years, according to CallingtheCape executive director Luke Mills, who says contact centres have been forced to adopt innovative strategies including the use of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

Crunch time for ICASA? SA’s telecoms regulator will have its performance evaluated by a Parliamentary committee that launched a review of all Chapter Nine entities this week.

Wireless but not clueless. Perhaps the most visible manifestation of WiFi is the coffee-shop laptop tuned cordlessly into a WLAN and hence into the worldwide web, but some phone users might also be doing it by WiFi. VoIP (‘voice over the internet protocol’) phones enable users to speak to others via the internet. The increasing availability of WiFi means that people with VoIP phones can use them more and more like mobile phones, talking with friends and colleagues over the internet from the same coffee-shop in which they connect their laptops to the worldwide web.

VoIP and the US Government. VoIP has many advantages, simply because it is cost effective and Packet Switching uses less bandwidth then Circuit Switching which in turn saves money. Since the inception of VoIP, it was clear that because VoIP utilizes Packet Switching and not Circuit, VoIP was in a new category all by itself.

Viper Networks South Africa


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