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Is Your Small Business Ready for VoIP?

AmbiTechSolutions Is Your Small Business Ready for VoIP? For business owners taking the leap to VoIP from traditional phone system services, the ability to send voice traffic over data networks translates into major benefits. Cheaper calls are only a small part of the story for the business market, which demands quite different phone system capabilities.

Below is your summary of the latest relevant news about VoIP, Internet telephony and related topics in Southern Africa and the world again, as usual. But first we have an important announcement to make :

The Viper Networks South Africa marketing office has now been strengthened with a technical support desk : AmbiTechSolutions is a company based in Cape Town servicing the SME / SOHO market with VoIP and broadband installations, remote desktop support, network security solutions and more.

You can approach Greg at or 0861 262 483 for all your Viper technical support requirements for VoIP and Internet connectivity in South Africa. Viper airtime and product purchases can be done as usual from the Viper Networks South Africa website.

The Viper Networks Calling AccountYou know that everyone with an Internet connection can make affordable international calls from South Africa right away, don’t you? Simply get a Viper Networks Calling Account for just R99 which includes R70 airtime and download Viper’s vPhone Dialer software. Off you go – no contracts or monthly fees.

VoIP poised for telecommuter rush hour. If telecommuting is defined as working from home at least one day per month, the number of U.S. telecommuters is about 24 million. With all those people, commutes getting longer and IP-based telephony getting simpler (and more integrated with corporate IP-based PBXes), consultants are again getting the idea that presence in the office has more to do with presence on a network than presence at the coffee machine.

Cheaper broadband will ease traffic. Cheaper broadband and more bandwidth will help ease traffic congestion on SA’s roads, says Viv Crone, CEO of Spescom DataVoice. “A large portion of white-collar workers are information handlers; they can be as effective at home as in the office. More broadband, at significantly cheaper rates, frees up workers to work from home.”

MyADSL founder Rudolph Muller says with cheaper broadband and more bandwidth, SA will see a boom in the use of Internet Protocol (IP) telephony and development of online content. He says this could seriously threaten traditional voice revenue for both Telkom and mobile providers. “What we are seeing internationally (and locally) is that traditional telcos are investigating other revenue streams, like IP-TV, video-on-demand and other content to make up for the lost revenue from the use of VOIP [voice over IP].”

SA telecoms: Standardisation the next battleground. The contentious South African telecommunications environment is driven by costs. Because the cost of fixed-line communication is high compared with other countries, it is an environment ripe for innovation and the introduction of new technologies and services. However, a multiplicity of services demands interoperability and a single standard for the success of each.

Telkom chairman quits early. Telkom yesterday told shareholders that its chairman has resigned from the board, with effect from the end of this month. The fixed-line operator’s 2006 annual report states Nomazizi Mtshotshisa’s term of office is due to expire in 2008. She was appointed on 1 August 2002. Market speculators comment that Mtshotshisa may seek to join forces with an empowerment group seeking a stake in Vodacom. Telkom’s announcement comes a few days after Vodacom said it had shareholder approval to expand further into Africa.

Sentech seeks WiMax partners. “We plan to use WiMax access to go to the end-customer – and by doing so we plan to provide cheaper access to wireless telecoms,” says Gift Zowa, head of telecommunications technology at Sentech.

All you need to know about Infraco. Public enterprises minister Alec Erwin shed some light on the new government entity known as Infraco in Parliament early this week. He said the inception of Infraco, using the long-distance assets deployed by Eskom and Transnet, is a direct intervention to rapidly reduce the cost of broadband, in a medium-term plan supposed to begin next year.

R647m for Infraco. Government’s proposed telecoms infrastructure company, Infraco, will receive R647 million funding from the state, finance minister Trevor Manuel announced yesterday. He said the budget allocation makes it possible for the establishment of a new state-owned enterprise, and to complete various contractual and regulatory negotiations.

Mixed reaction to Infraco. Yesterday in Parliament, public enterprises minister Alec Erwin confirmed his department’s intention to build an infrastructure company based on the telecoms facilities owned by Eskom and Transnet. However, some stakeholders have questioned the desirability of having another government-controlled company in the telecoms space.

Third operator undermines Neotel. While some commentators have welcomed additional competition in the market, a US-based analyst says government’s plans to offer broadband belittles its awarding of a licence to the second operator. William Hahn, principal analyst of carrier operations and strategies at Gartner, says SA’s second operator – Neotel – could have played the role Infraco seems intent on taking over.

Infraco to lay submarine cable. Government-owned Infraco will lay a submarine cable from SA to Europe that will compete with Telkom’s SAT-3 cable, high-level government sources have revealed. This follows an announcement by public enterprises minister Alec Erwin that government would use the telecoms infrastructure company to drive down the cost of broadband in the country.

Viper Networks Opens Saudi Arabia Office to Serve Middle East, South Asia. Viper Networks, Inc. today announced that it has opened an office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to market and manage VoIP services, Networks and infrastructure in the Middle East, Pakistan, India and neighboring areas.

The office, opened under a license from the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), will serve as a key element in Viper Networks’ growth strategy of finding and serving overlooked markets worldwide.

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